Suggestion to Feedly

Dear feedly Team, I really like feedly, and it’s already part of my daily life now. Recently, as I were considering to subscribe to feedly Pro, I digged into some people’s reviews on the Internet, and I found some helpful suggestions that can help you to grow your feedly Pro’s subscribers.

The problem is, while visiting feedly Pro’s showcasing page, people perceived that they are buying goods, which means they would assume to get something in exchange with their money. So they think, will the goods worth the money I paid?

feedlypro_top(This is the top of feedly Pro’s showcasing page's design, people to see the highlighted subscription fee first.)

When considering the concept of worth, people would like to collect lots of information about goods’ information like its specs, materials or similar substitutions to compare. However, feedly Pro’s service is not common. It’s not like toothbrushes, which you can have lots of brands, manufacturers, models to choose from, and you can compare all the toothbrushes including their sizes, materials and prices. So the idea of worth is not so easy to get of feedly Pro.


(These services/goods are not easy to compare with others.)

I am here to proposed a better way to showcase feedly Pro, thus to drive in more subscribers.


Put feedly's belief, like “Speed, Openness, Creativity,” the words you showed on about page, as the heart of feedly's Pro service. Make friends with feedly’s users by telling them what you believe, the reason that this project start and make your team keep moving.

Also, frame the problem, and suggest feedly as the answer. Showcase feedly in a context, not a standalone tool that jumps out suddenly. Let the words slip into people’s mind ahead of the price tag, slow down the process and engaged with people deeply.

For Example

Let me draft a sample here, for your reference:

Have you ever feel exhausted with the extreme scale of the information? Always so much to digest, but so little time for yourself?

We saw that problem, and we are feeling the same here. That is why we built feedly, to bring everybody's life back. Our team have been working on this project up to three years, we’ve gathered specialist from various fields to carry out the amazing magical tool, feedly.

We believe that with feedly, you can

  • organize and consume all the information easily, meaning speed;
  • use your pen as weapon, to spread things that worth spreading, bringing openness to the world;
  • form knowledge based on healthy digestion of information, cultivating a friendly environment to creativity.

If you share any bit of the thoughts with us, we would like to invite you to stand together. Let's live with order, instead of chaos.

Join feedly's membership now to be with us, and fight this meaningful battle for our better living. Based on the foundation of everyone's support, feedly would overcome any challenges lies ahead, bringing the best service to our friends.

Just $5 for one month membership or $45 for a year for the whole-heart giver like you, feedly team would like to share a warm hug and additional selected features with you.

Or, for our dearly truehearted contributors, you can choose $3 for one month membership or $25 for a year. You will have our warming hugs, also comes together with three additional selected features, which you can choose according to your need.

All in all, you are the reason why feedly is here, great thanks for everyone who scroll all the way down here! Cheers, my friend!