Longing for a better place... to write

Though now I'm using WordPress.com as my main site, I am still searching for a better choice. Recently, I've been looking up for domains ( like .co ), hosting plan ( like Godaddy, WPengine, etc ) and some one-stop service ( ex. WordPress.com's Pro Bundle, Squarespace, Wix, Imbuilder ), and I reach to a conclusion that $99 a year is an approximate number to have a nice theme, customized feature and a basic hosting plan. I'm still a student with little spare money so my options are restricted. For now, I like Squarespace and Wordpress.com Pro Bundle for their fine design and easy interface. Comparing to Wordpress.com, Squarespace's website need more time loading, sometimes a little bit laggy for my laptop. Also, since I would use my site majoring on blogging with a little personal branding, I figure Wordpress system would be more suitable. ( If I am going to start a startup, I may choose Squarespace instead. )

Maybe a year later after serving to the country, I would start to purchase a plan. Now I will just focus on the content, blog.

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