About Want Want & CNS Acquisition

Few words in English for quick understanding about Want Want & CNS Acquisition(旺中).

Recently, Want Want Holdings Limited(旺旺集團desired to acquire China Network Systems(中嘉網路) but only after National Communication Commission(NCC, 國家通訊傳播委員會)'s permission. On 7/25, NCC has made its final decision that the acquisition can be done if several criterias are met. 

However, lots of people showed their concerns that Want Want would become the dominate player in Taiwan's media industry, which is a potential threat against freedom of speech. Disappointedly, Want Want didn't act well when critics showed up, and this is why I'm sharing the news.

There are some online posts related to the event which made it become easier to understand:
From Wiki(維基百科), from people with enthusiasm 1:文化元年基金會籌備處懶人包2:Baboo's 懶人包.

Also, here are some related personal post about the event and a student anti Want Want & CNS Facebook page.